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Leisure Heating Installs 84kW of Infra-red in the O2 for the 2012 Olympics

Leisure Heating Installs 84kW of Infra-red in the O2 for the 2012 Olympics

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The Challenge

In 2012 the 02 Arena, formerly the Millennium Dome, was being used as training centre for our Olympic sportsmen and women. The challenge for Leisure Heating was to provide an alternative heating system to the hot air blowers which had previously been used. These blowers provided warmth but were interfering with badminton practice as the airflow was blowing the shuttlecocks all over the place!

The Solution

Leisure Heating Ltd provided 84kw of high level infra-red heating without having to use any blown hot air. This heated the Olympians directly as they took part in their badminton trials during the Olympic tournament. The infra-red provided instant heat in specific locations making the system efficient and cost effective. In addition, the infra-red heaters were clean and silent in operation making them an ideal choice for this environment.

The Benefits

The use of infra-red heating allowed the O2 to benefit from a very energy efficient, cost effective system which was relatively simple to install and maintenance free during the Olympic season. The instant heat up times of short-wave infra-red means that the system can be energised just before the courts are being used, thus making a great saving in money and time.