1200W Traditional Bathroom Heater

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Traditional radiant infra-red bathroom heater featuring 2 heat settings:- 600w, 1200w

Our lowest priced Bathroom Heater

£24.95Including VAT

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Traditional Radiant Infra-red Bathroom Heater

A well built, but budget priced, traditional radiant bathroom heater using medium-wave infra-red.


2 heat settings 600w, 1200w

Switchable via integral pull cord.

Indicator showing power setting that has been selected.

Body of heater can be adjusted up and down for directional heating.

Weight 1.2kg

Dimensions 100mm x 560mm x 160mm

Waterproof rating IP24

Made in the Netherlands for Leisure Heating

General note about heaters in bathrooms
Mounting height is generally accepted to be a minimum of 1800mm from the floor.  A gap of 200mm should be left either side of the heater.  There are no regulations regarding distance above the heater from the ceiling but we advise gap of at least 250mm .  This gap may vary depending upon the type of material used in the construction of the ceiling above.  If in doubt consult an electrician before purchasing.


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