2.8kW Infra-red Ceramic ‘Rhino Junior’ Heater

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2.8kW Infra-Red Rhino ‘Junior’ heater

Ceramic infra-red elements give zero light output.

Ideal for portable localised heating

Half power setting.  Tilt switch.  Lead and 13A plug

£99.00Including VAT

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2.8kW Rhino Junior Ceramic Infra-red Heater

Product Description

The Rhino Junior utilises a slightly different infra-red heating technique. The two ceramic emitters radiate at ‘long wave’ infra-red, giving a more gentle over-all heating effect. The effect is dramatic and is ideal for localised heating. The emitters give off no visible light making the product ideal for offices, shops and where industrial finishing is taking place. The maximum output of the Rhino Junior heater is an impressive 3kW and can be turned to half power at the click of a switch.

Features and Benefits
Individual elements can be selected with separate switches.

Simple, extremely energy efficient and flexible.

Fully mobile – can easily be moved to where the heat is required.


Voltage: 240V

Wattage: 2.8kW

Wavelength: Ceramic Long-wave.  Replacement ceramic elements are readily available. See our spare elements page

Lead Length:  3m of cable fitted and Simply plugs into a 13A domestic socket. (230v version)



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