Infra-red Heated Table

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Infra-red Heated table

£199.99Including VAT

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Infra-red Heated Table

This 1000W infra-red heated table projects instant heat to people sat at the table.  Infra-red warms people directly without having to heat the air in between. 

The heated table is safe, clean and efficient and is suitable for use inside or out  Ideal for patios, in conservatories, cafes, pub gardens and anywhere else you want to provide a comfortable heating effect around the legs and feet of people drinking or dining at a table.

The heating element forms part of the table leg and is enclosed by a plastic grille.  There is no danger from being burnt by the grille as it does not absorb the infra-red and stays cool to the touch.  A safety anti-tilt cut-out switch which will turn the heater off if it falls over and the heater is switched on via an integral switch under the table top.  The table itself is made from waterproof pressed wood and the whole heated table is IP rated at IP44

Features and Benefits

  • Robust metal and wood construction
  • 1500W short-wave element
  • Integral on/off switch
  • Fully portable- can be moved to where the table is required
  • Odourless and silent in operation
  • Safety tilt switch
  • Ideal for localised heat
  • Efficient and cheap to run
  • Waterproof and designed for outdoor OR indoor use.
  • Instant heat-up


Product Specification

Dimensions: length 650mm, width 650mm, height 750mm.

Weight: 13kg

Voltage: 230V 6A

Wattage: 1000W

Element Type: 1 x Linear short-wave.  Fully replaceable.

Lead Length: Provided with 2 metres of cable and UK 13A plug.


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