Heat Infra-red and Leisure Heating Ltd delivers excellent value to its customers through innovative products and control solutions which exploit a clean, controllable, energy efficient infra-red heating technology.

Our team of infra-red experts possess a unique knowledge of industrial, commercial and domestic heating techniques so we are able to deliver excellent solutions and value to our customers.

Our principal specialists have many years of experience in infra-red heating technology and techniques.   They have been involved in developing and delivering infra-red heating solutions for a wide range of applications to customers in the UK and all over the world. 

Some of our team originally worked for East Midlands Electricity and PowerGen as part of a large advisory team serving its business customers while others were involved in the early concept of infra-red heating products in the 1980’s and 1990’s


Leisure Heating Ltd supplies infra-red and hot-air heating solutions from its large and ever-increasing product portfolio. Our products range from electric infra-red patio and parasol heaters to conventional storage radiators and other domestic appliances.