Infra-red Pendant Gazebo Heaters


Since Leisure Heating Ltd originally designed the six-sided pendant heater almost 15 years ago, infra-red technology has moved on and the original design has been widely copied by other companies. We thought it was time to radically change the design of our pendant heater so we have launched the much more efficient short-wave Infra-red model which delivers far more useful heat than its predecessor while only using the same amount of energy!

All Pendant Heaters in our range are designed and manufactured by Leisure Heating Ltd specifically for use in thatched gazebos, pavilions and garden rooms.

Extend your summer evenings with the Leisure Heating infra-red pendant gazebo heater. This easy to use radiant heater is designed to attach to the under-side of the gazebo roof from chains and heats you and your guests on those spring, summer and autumn evenings long after the sun’s warmth has diminished.

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