Leisure Heating Pet Heater with 150W Dull Emitter and 2 Heat Settings

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This versatile pet heater comes with a 150W dull emitter as standard and is designed to hang from a chain over your animal’s bedding. Please note product may differ from image shown. New design is not dome shaped and has a flat grill.

£55.00Including VAT

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Leisure Heating Pet Heater Including 150W Dull Emitter With 2 Heat Settings


This versatile pet heater comes supplied with a Ceramic 150W Dull Emitter.

This model has a built-in switch to enable you to switch the infra-red heat source down to a lower output. Position ‘Hi’ gives 100% output whilst position ‘Lo’ gives an enery saving setting of approximately a third of the total output. This setting is ideal for low level heat in the autumn or spring months when full heating is not required.

It comes complete with a 1m chain and is designed to hang over an animal’s bedding. Minimum distance between heater and animal is 0.5m.

The heating element will heat the animal directly without having to heat the air first. The dull emitter produces no light at all and emits long-wave infra-red.

Featuring an Edison screw lamp holder (E27), the heater can also accommodate a number of different types infra-red emitter including short-wave blown bulbs, PAR 38 lamps and normal screw fit GSL bulbs if required.

Ideal for:

• Cats and Dogs

• Reptiles

• Zoos and Pet Shops

• Garden Centres


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