250W Infra-red FLAT Dull Emitter

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250W FLAT Long-wave Infra-red Dull Emitter

This infra-red long wave dull emitter fits many pet and reptile heaters that use Edison screw lamps (E27)

Rated at 250w

Ideal for heating small and medium sized pet enclosures and vivariums.

£21.50Including VAT

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250W FLAT Infra-red Dull Emitter

This long-wave infra-red dull emitter fits most pet and reptile heaters that use Edison (E27) screw lamps.  It can be used with or without a reflector but if used without a reflector, care should be taken to prevent the animal from touching the emitter directly.

Rated at 250W,  240V

Ideal for night time heating of small or medium sized pet enclosures and vivariums.  Perfect for direct night time heating of cat’s and dog’s bedding area.

Dull Emitters are ideal for reptiles in general as they emit no light.  Most reptiles, including tortoises and turtles, can actually see more colours than humans can so any heat source that emits in the visible spectrum can be detremental during hours of darkness.  Where night time heat is required, Dull Emitters will provide long-wave infra-red heating without producing any of the visible spectrum.

MADE IN ENGLAND.  By buying this lamp you are supporting British Industry


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