2kW Freestanding Electric Infra-red Patio Heater

£59.50Including VAT

This efficient rainproof 2kW infra-red heater warms people directly without heating the air in between. It has 3 heat settings and is ideal for localised heat on your patio or in a conservatory.

Fully mobile can be moved easily to where heat is required.  It is best brought inside and used in your conservatory during winter months

£59.50Including VAT

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Domestic Freestanding Medium-wave Infra-red Portable Heater with 3 heat settings

This 2kW infra-red heater warms people directly without having to heat the air in between.  It is fully portable and can be moved easily to where heat is required.

The heater is safe, clean and efficient and is suitable for use inside or out, on patios, in conservatories, garages and anywhere else you may need temporary heating.

There are three pull switch settings, a safety anti-tilt cut-out switch which will turn the heater off if it falls over and it has an adjustable angle tilt head.  The heater is waterproof to IPX4 for outdoor use.

Features and Benefits
  • Robust metal construction
  • Adjustable height from 1.8m to 2.2m
  • Heater head can be tilted and rotated
  • Fully portable – can be moved to where the heat is required
  • Odourless and silent in operation
  • Easy to store
  • Ideal for localised heat
  • Efficient and cheap to run
  • Waterproof and designed for outdoor OR indoor use.
  • Fast heat-up


Product Specification

Dimensions: width 480mm, height 1200mm adjustable to 2100mm.

Voltage: 230V 9A

Wattage: 2000W

Element Type: 3 x Linear Medium-wave.  Fully replaceable but usually last the lifetime of the product

Lead Length: Provided with 2m of cable and UK 13A plug.


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