3000W/1500W 3-sided Infra-red Pendant Gazebo Heater

£295.00Including VAT

This compact version of the three-sided Infra-red Pendant Heater complements our existing range of Pendant Heaters and is designed for the smallest garden gazebo or covered structure.Made in England.

£295.00Including VAT

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3kW/1.5kW Dual Output Infra-red Pendant Gazebo Heater


This energy efficient Classic 3kW heater has been designed and manufactured by Leisure Heating Ltd specifically for use in thatched gazebos, pavilions and garden rooms.

The Pendant heater delivers 3kW of heat from three 1000W Medium-wave infra-red cassettes, switchable to 1.5kW via a two gang switch (supplied). 

This infra-red heater gives a more gentle heating effect than a typical wall-mounted patio heater and is specifically designed to work well in semi-enclosed structures at closer-than-usual distances from the people they are heating.

Extend your summer evenings with the Leisure Heating infra-red pendant gazebo heater.  This easy to use radiant heater is designed to attach to the under-side of the gazebo roof from chains and heats you and your guests on those spring, summer and autumn evenings long after the sun’s warmth has diminished..

Features and Benefits

3kW or 1.5kW switchable heat output

  • Efficient and cheap to run
  • No fumes or smell
  • Rapid heat-up
  • Robust stainless steel construction
  • Uses up-to-date infra-red technology
Product Specification
Dimensions:  450mm (corner to flat edge). height 100mm.
Voltage:   230V/240v
Wattage   3000W heat output switchable to 1500W heat output when wired through switch included in kit.
Element Type:  Medium-wave cassette, British Made.
Lead Length: Now supplied complete with installation kit comprising 5m lead(s), switch, hook and chain.  Controller is supplied with 2 glands.  Please note that the controller requires a hard wired supply of 13A .  Comprehensive wiring diagrams and installation instructions also included.
This product is designed and made entirely in England, including the elements.  By buying this product you are supporting British industry.


For further information on this or any other of our pendant gazebo heaters, please call 0115 937 2727


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