3kW Illuminated Time-out Switch 2 min to 2 hr delay

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4kW Power Controller Time Out Switch

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3kW Time-out Switch with illuminated button.

Our range of time-out switches provides an ideal way of saving energy.   The customer simply pushes the button and the heaters are energised via an integral soft-start mechanism.  After a preset time, the switch simply turns the heaters off.
The time-on is preset inside the unit by the landlord.  This can reduce your annual patio heating bill by hundreds of pounds!!
The button is illuminated when the heater is off.  Once the button has been pressed the heater is energised and will stay on for the preset time.  At one minute prior to the time ending, the LED will start to flash, prompting the pressing of the button to extend the time.  If not pressed in the last minute, the timer will switch the heater off and the button will illuminate blue.
Features and Benefits
  • 3kW load switching capacity
  • Time lag can be set for 2 minute to a maximum of 2 hours.
  • Reliable, easy to install maintenance free.
  • Can be installed with new heaters or retro-fitted to existing heaters
  • Fully waterproof – can be mounted to an external surface

Product Specifications

Voltage: 230V

Max switching load: 3000W infra-red heating

IP rating:  IP66 Totally Waterproof


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