6kW Infresco Power Controller with Soft Start

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Our range of versatile single phase controllers enable you to control the power of the infra-red heating from 0 – 100%

£310.00Including VAT

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Product Description

This 6kW Infra-red controller has been designed specifically to work with Infra-red Heaters, with a rating of 6kW it will allow you to control a variety of heating solutions.

The Infresco has a 1 to 10 step setting allowing you to find the optimum comfort setting in you specific area. With energy saving a major factor in the design brief, once the Infresco is switched on it will automatically manage the heating system. With an optional temperature sensor only allowing the unit to switch on when required.

An optional remote control allows for the unit to be fitted out of the way.

The Infresco has a built in soft start function which will add up to an additional 30% life to your heater lamp.


Any application were high inrush current is an issue or control is required. Typical use is for Infra Red Heating.


•Soft Start – up to 30% extended life of Lamp

•Variable Control – Ability to find comfort level

•Energy Saving – Automated system. (Only heat when required)

•Temperature Monitoring – If ambient temperature is above preset the Infresco unit remains switched off


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