4.0 kW Soft-starter for Infra-red Heaters

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Infresco-S Soft-start

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Product Description

The Infresco-S 4kW is designed to provide a soft start to any short-wave infrared lamps or other heating and lighting products.

The ‘S’ model softstarts the load either when power is applied to the unit or by the use of a remote switch. The microcontroller-based unit incorporates zero-voltage switching and a soft-start function to eliminate the lamps’ initial high inrush current – potentially increasing lamp life by as much as 30%.

Installation of the unit is simple and once installed is maintenance-free. The soft start will be initialised each time power is supplied to the unit, additionally, a remote switch can be added using terminals (INPUT COM) on the PCB. (in normal mode the terminals are fittedwith a link, this will need to be removed and switch wires fitted). If these terminals are used an addition gland will be required to maintain the units IP rating (Additional Gland Supplied).

Features and Benefits

Extends Lamp Life

Soft-start/zero-voltage switch-off


Easy to install



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