4kW Waterproof Time Delay Switch

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4kW Power Controller Time Out Switch

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4kW Weatherproof Time Delay Switch.

Ideal for energy saving control of exterior infra-red heaters. Also suitable for damp areas indoors such as swimming pools.

Touch sensitive switch brings the connected load on. The load is then switched off automatically after the time lag has elapsed.

The time lag period is set from inside the unit so is tamper-proof once installed.  The time period can be set between 2 seconds and 2 hours making it ideal for use in smoking shelters, outdoor eating areas or pavement seating areas.
Never leave your heating on by mistake again!  This can reduce your annual patio heating bill by hundreds of pounds.
Features and Benefits
  • 4kW load switching capacity (infra-red load)
  • Adjustable time from 2 seconds to 2 hours
  • Reliable, easy to install maintenance free.
  • Can be installed with new heaters or retro-fitted to existing heaters
  • Fully waterproof to IP66 – can be mounted to an external surface

Product Specifications

Manufacturer: Eterna – product code: TLS68EX

Voltage: 230 – 250v AC

Wattage: 16A Max capacity (infra-red load)

IP Rating: IP66

Colour: Light Grey

Dimensions:  W80mm x H 110mm x D 70mm


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