500w Mini Glow Electric Pet Heater

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500w Mini Glow Electric Pet Heater, The Mini Glow Pet heater is ideal for Larger Animal and Reptile enclosures

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Instant 500W Mini Electric Infra-red Pet Heater
A compact short-wave electric radiant heater, which heats animals directly without heating the sky!   The warm glow created by this radiant heater means that your pet  can enjoy the ‘warmth of the sunshine’ whatever time of year!
Ideal for kennels and other applications for pets and pet heating.
This simple, extremely energy efficient directional heater is designed to be permanently left outdoors or in outdoor kennels and buildings as a rainproof fitting.  It is ideal for creating instant, comfortable heat at the click of a switch.

A further advantage of this heater is that the lamp is able to give at least 5,000 hours service before requiring replacement, more than 5 times the life of lamps in glass fronted heaters. These factors combined mean that this heater is ideal for many domestic and commercial installations.

Technical Specification

  • The Mini Glow is ideal for smaller areas where normal sized heaters would be too powerful at close proximity. Using two Mini Glow heaters side by side gives a better overall heating effect than a single more powerful heater. (for instance in smoking shelter installations).
  • Rainproof IP23 rated, totally silent and odourless
  • The mesh front means that you get over 20% more heat projected forward compared to glass-fronted heaters.
  • Very fast thermal response providing heat within one second
  • The radiant 500W Gold infra-red radiant element consumes a low level of energy and can cost as little as 7p perhour depending on the electricity tariff used.

    The Mini Glow Pet heater is ideal for enclosures and buildings larger Animals as well as for reptiles and snake enclosures.


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