6kW Medium-wave Infra-red Retro-fit Panel for PED Contraflow Oven

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6kW Medium-wave Infra-red Process Heater

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There are large numbers of electric contraflow ovens in use which mainly use metal-sheath long wave infra-red emitters. By performing a simple, low-cost conversion to medium-wave infra-red using a system developed in conjunction with East Midlands Electricity, oven efficiency can be improved by at least 30%.

This 6kW module is designed to be direct replacements to the original heating panel fitted in the oven. 

The module can be fitted individually, as a pair or as a whole bay set (see seperate listings or call for options)

The modules are very easily installed by disconnectiing the electrical wires, unscrewing the original panel and replacing.

Oven Conversion

The metal-sheathed emitters are directly replaced by fast response medium-wave “cassettes” mounted on insulated reflector panels.

The cassette arrays have the same power rating and wiring configuration as the original emitters and so the existing wiring and controls can be used without upgrading electrical supply, keeping the conversion cost to a minimum.

All or a selected few of the oven zones can be converted to optimise process requirements. Conversion involves minimum disruption and can be carried out in just a few hours of downtime.

How it Works

Convective (hot-air) loss is the main source of inefficiency in contraflow type ovens. Medium-wave infra-red delivers much more radiant energy to the products being heated than the long-wave equivalent, consequently, less convective heat is produced and the overall efficiency is improved.


The benefits of conversion can be realised as either greater throughput for no increase in energy costs, or reduced energy costs for the same throughput. Exact performance gains depend on the product, but based on recent tests, reductions in processing time of at least 30 % can be expected. Response time (heat-up time) of the replacement system is around 30 seconds compared to 5 minutes for the original long-wave emitters. This allows more energy to be saved by switching off during even short production breaks, or by using automatic product detection.

Efficiency Trials

Many conversions have been made to contraflow ovens using a combination of retro-fitted wavelength specific medium-wave heater panels and burst fire control. Trials carried out using these converted ovens on a variety of products have repeatedly demonstrated vastly improved performance.


The HEAT INFRA-RED Medium-wave range of infra-red heaters can be used for a variety of applications:

Drying and curing of water-based and solvent based coatings

Bonding using thermoplastic and thermosetting materials

Curing powder coatings

Preheating castings and moulding


These modules are built as a direct replacement for the original electric heating panels.  The 6kW modules are normally positioned in the first bay of the PED oven.

Voltage: 240/415V AC

Wattage: 6 x 1kW medium-wave infra-red element – cassette type FSQ1000

Module Dimensions: 595mm wide, 380mm high, 100mm deep (excluding reflector which sits proud of the front)

Please note this heater panel must be mounted with the elements in the horizontal plane. If mounted vertically the element life will be substantially shortened.

We can manufacture this product to specific requirements.  Please call 0115 937 2727 for more information.



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