Basking Heater with 250W Ruby Spot lamp

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This versatile pet heater comes with a 250W dull emitter as standard and is designed to hang from a chain over your animal’s bedding. Please note product may differ from image shown. New design is not dome shaped and has a flat grill.

£19.50Including VAT

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Basking Heater Including 250W Ruby Spot Infra-red Emitter


This model comes complete with a 1m chain and 2m pre-wired supply lead with 13A plug.  Iti s designed to hang inside an enclosure. Also included is a carabina and a selection of two hooks for fixing the chain.

Please note that there is no ‘can’ type reflector on this unit.  If there is a chance the animal can climbe and come into contact with the bare bulb, a reflector and guard must be used.

The heating element will heat the animal directly without having to heat the air first. The emitter produces 250W of infra-red and a ruby light.  Ideal for daytime basking.

Featuring an Edison screw lamp holder (E27), the heater can also accommodate a number of different types infra-red emitter including Dull emitters, short-wave blown bulbs, PAR 38 lamps and normal screw fit GSL bulbs if required.

Ideal for none climbing pets including:


Small Reptiles

In Zoos and Pet Shops

Small fury animals


Product Specifications

Voltage    230V – 250V AC

Lamp holder  E27 Max 250W.

Lamp included   250W Ruby Spot.

Chain length  1m

Lead Length   2m fitted with domestic 13A 3 pin UK plug


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