Chandelier Heater 4.5kW ‘Gaddesby’ Design

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All our chandeliers are made to order so please call for lead times. We can manufacture chandeliers to specific designs or to a design in keeping with your particular place of worship. Discounted prices are available for complete church schemes. Please call our office on 0115 937 2727 if you would like further information.

£2,400.00Including VAT

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4.5kW Chandelier Heater ‘Gaddesby’ Design


The Gaddesby Infra-red Chandelier integrates energy efficient LED lighting and radiant infra-red heating into a traditional church chandelier which is in keeping with the general archiecture of the interior of most medieval churches.

The chandeliers are individually manufactured to sympathetically meet the requirements of individual houses of worship.

The radiant electric elements of the chandelier warm people directly without the need to heat the air up in between.

Available in a range of power ratings and LED light combinations. 

Features and Benefits

  • Low installation costs due to One point fixing from roof beam
  • Long life for both LED and infra-red lamps
  • Low maintenance
  • Efficient and cheap to run.
  • No fumes or smell
  • Instant heat-up
  • Immediate effect (up to temperature in 1 second)


Model:  Gaddesby


Number of Heaters:  3

Heating rating:  4.5kW (3 x 1.5kW Heaters)

Wavelength:  Short-wave Infra-red

Lamp Type: Gold coated Ultra-low glare


Number of Lights:  6

LED Lighting Rating: 42W (6 x 7W) Equivalent to 360W Incandescent

Light Output:  4800 Lumens

Shades:  6 x Murano Glass Flute

MADE IN ENGLAND.  By buying this heater you are supporting British industry.

Discounted prices are available for a whole church installations.  Please call our office for a free quotation.


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