Church Heater and Bracket 2.0kW ‘Wysall’ Design

£195.00Including VAT

2kW radiant infra-red church heater and a traditional looking wrought iron bracket with a ‘cross’ design.

£195.00Including VAT

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2.0kW Wall Mounted Heater and Bracket ‘Wysall’ Design


The Wysall Infra-red Heater comprises a 2kW radiant infra-red heater and a traditional looking wrought iron bracket with a ‘cross’ design.  It is designed to fit directly to a wall anywhere in the church.  The bracket of the heater screws to the brickwork.  We can pre-drill the bracket to suit the stonework so only morter needs to be drilled for fixing.

The ‘Wysall’ heater makes a neat compliment to a church heating system and can heat areas in the nave, chancel and side aisles where it is possible to fix to a wall or pillar.

The brackets for this design are individually manufactured in England to sympathetically meet the requirements of individual houses of worship.

The radiant electric elements of the heaters warm people directly without the need to heat the air up in between.

Available in a range of power ratings and lamp types.

Features and Benefits

  • Low installation costs due to single fixing point
  • Does not require drilling in to stonework or arches
  • Long life infra-red lamps
  • Low maintenance
  • Efficient and cheap to run.
  • No fumes or smell
  • Instant heat-up
  • Immediate effect (up to temperature in 1 second)


Model:  Wysall


Number of Heaters:  1

Heating rating:  2.0kW

Wavelength:  Short-wave Infra-red

Lamp Type: Gold coated Ultra-low glare

MADE IN ENGLAND.  By buying this heater you are supporting British industry.

Discounted prices are available for multiple units designed as a church heating system.  Please call our office on 0115 937 2727 for furher advise or a free quotation.


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