HLP1000 Paint Dryer Digital Timer

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Combining all the features of a flexible hand held heater, with all the benefits of a free standing paint dryer.The 1000 Series is the ideal model to compliment any existing full size drying system. Used with the stand, it also becomes an ideal additional heat source or spot drying unit.

£49.00Including VAT

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Digital Timer for HLP1000 1kW Infra-red Paint Dryer. Model VLPT.

This 0 – 99 minute Digital Timer is designed for use with up to TWO HLP1000 infra-red paint dryers.

It allows the user to set a time for the heater to switch off automatically when left unattended.

The timer is easily installed by clamping it to the stand of the paint dryer using the pracket provided.  The 13A plug on the existing paint dryer need to be removed and the plug(s) provided with the timer require fitting in its place.  Up to Two 1kW paint dryers can be used with this timer using the 2 sockets provided in the top of the timer. Two plugs are included with the timer.

Features and Benefits

Sturdy metal case

Digital count-down read-out

0 – 99 minutes setting available

Fitted with 13A plug

Built-in pole clamp


Max load 2kW 8.5A 220/240V

Dimensions: 115mm x 130mm x 65mm



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