Portable 1.5kW Infra Red Warehouse Heater and Tripod

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Portable 1.5kW Infra-red Heater, Ideal for commercial applications where portability of the heat is required.

£169.00Including VAT

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Product Description

1.5kW Portable Infra-red Radiant Heater and Tripod.  Fitted with ‘Gold’ anti-glare lamp.

The heater represent a highly efficient, economical way of warming people directly without the need to heat the air first.  It is ideal for creating instant, comfortable heat at the click of a switch.

Portable Infra-red radiant heaters simply plug into a domestic 13A socket. They are virtually maintenance and are very versatile.  The tripod is fully adjustable and folds to a similar size of the heater making it extremely easy to transport.  Note – this heater is not waterproof


Temporary or emergency heating

Factories and Workshops



Commercial garages


Building sites

Waiting areas


Features and Benefits

Robust metal construction

Uses up-to-date infra-red technology

Instant heat-up and very cheap to run

Designed for indoor use, comercial or domestic

No fumes, noise or smell

Folds up to a very compact size for easy transport and storage


Product Specification

Dimensions: Heater  – width 400mm, height 160mm approx. Tripod 1.6m extended 450mm folded.

Voltage: 230V 6.4A

Wattage: 1500W

Element Type: Linear Short-wave. Gold anti-glare coating

Lead Length: Provided with 5 metres of cable


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