Replacement 500W/1000W Heating Cassette for 3 Sided Infra-red Pendant Heater

£49.00Including VAT

Replacement Heating Cassette for Infra-red Pendant Heater.Please call so we can work out which heater you have 0115 937 27 27

£49.00Including VAT

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Genuine British made replacement 500W/1000W Heating Cassette for Leisure Heating Infra-red Pendant Heater.

Will fit the 3 sided 1.5/3kW models that switch to half power.

Will also fit Breezehouse branded 3 sided models and other similar British made 3 sided heaters.

Please note that element may not fit Chinese copies of Our heater sold by some larger suppliers of gazebos.

If in doubt please call our office on 0115 937 27 27 for further advice.


Technical Specification

Voltage: 230-250V AC

Wattage: Dual wound 500W/1000W with common neutral

Dimentions: 250mm x 60mm x 20mm

comes complete with integral grille.


This replacement will fit:

Leisure Heating Traditional 3 sided Pendant Heater 1.5kW/3kW

Breezehous branded 3 sided pendant Heater 3 sided.


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