1.0kW SOFTGLOW Replacement Element for Summerglow 1.0kW and HLW10

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1.5kW short-wave emitter.

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1.0kW SOFTGLOW medium-wave replacement emitter for Leisure Heating Summerglow 1.0kW Heater and HLW10 Patio and Parasol Heater.

Crimped glass end caps and fly leads. 230v, overall length end to end 430mm. Specialist lamp that only fits Summerglow 1.0kW and HLW10 heaters.

SOFTGLOW lamps do not ‘throw’ the heat out as far as short-wave lamps and are beneficial where the heater is closer to people, for example, under a pararasol.

SOFTGLOW lamps give a softer ‘candlelight’ type glow compared to short-wave gold elements.


Wattage: 1000W
Voltage: 230-240V
Length: 430mm
Cap Type: Glass crimp/ fly leads/bare ends
Fly lead lengths: 300mm and 300mm
Wavelength: Medium-wave

This lamp fits:

  • Leisure Heating Summerglow 1.0kW Softglow
  • Victory Heatlight HLW10
  • Summerglow Parasol Heater White 1kW

Note:  Does NOT fit Summerglow 3kW, Summerglow 4.5kW, HLW30 or HLW45 Heaters.
If unsure which element you need for your heater. please ring 0115 9372727 for advice


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