1.5kW Linquartz Optik 1 Infra-red Heater WHITE

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Linquartz Optik 1 Heater, 1.5kW GOLD element with silver reflector and WHITE case. 

Indoor use only.

£230.00Including VAT

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Linquartz Optik 1.5kW Infra-red Heater WHITE

The Linquartz Optik range of linear quartz heaters created a new benchmark in heating excellence when they were first introduced in the 1980’s by Robinson Willey.

Originally designed and developed by one of the most experienced quartz heating teams in Europe and assisted by the Philips special research lighting division, the Linquartz Optik range provides one of the most efficient and aesthetically acceptable quartz heaters ever produced.

The radiant electric elements of the Optik heater warm people directly without the need to heat the air up in between.

Unique Design

Features a high performance Gold Lamp and unique ‘Confocal’ reflector. This significantly improves beam efficiency, accuracy and stability.


Slim in design, only 130mm deep, with a choice of finish and bodies. Creates low visual impact and is aesthetically acceptable in buildings where appearance is an important factor.



  • Robust metal construction
  • Uses up-to-date infra-red technology
  • Efficient and cheap to run
  • Ultra-slim design
  • No fumes or smell
  • No noise
  • Instant heat-up


Product Specification

Dimensions: width 460mm, height 94mm.  130mm deep

Voltage: 230V 6.4A

Wattage 1500W

Element Type: Linear Short-wave.  Anti-glare Gold coating

Lead Length: No cable provided


MADE IN ENGLAND.  By buying this product you are supporting British industry. 


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