12kW Medium-wave Infra-red Process Heater module

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12kW Medium-wave Infra-red Process Heater

£1,490.00Including VAT

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Infra-red Industrial Process Heating Infra-red (radiant) heating is simple, energy efficient and flexible. The product is heated directly by energy radiated from a high temperature emitter without the need to heat up large amounts of air.

This 12kW standard module consists of 12 individual 1kW heating cassettes in a 400mm x 500mm stainless steel housing with case cooling fan and lifting handles.  The module is supplied with a connection box to the rear and is designed to be hard wired via suitable cable and gland.


The HEAT INFRA-RED range of infra-red heaters can be used for a variety of applications:

Drying and curing of water-based and solvent based coatings

Drying textiles

Bonding using thermoplastic and thermosetting materials

Curing powder coatings

Preheating castings and mouldings

Plastic Moulding

Curing sealant

 Features and Benefits

12kW of medium-wave Infra-red

Rapid heat-up time:  1 minute to 85% power, 2 minutes to full power from cold.  Very responsive to power control when pre-warmed.

400mm x 500mm of heating area depending on distance from substrate.

Ideal for conveyorised or static process systems.


Voltage: 415V 3 phase AC

Current: 17A single phase

Wattage: 12 x 1kW medium-wave infra-red element – cassette type FSQ1000

Heater dimensions: 400mm x 500mm x 150mm

We can manufacture this product to specific size requirements.  Please call 0115 937 2727 for more information.



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