2kW Gold short-wave emitter – spade terminals

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2kW Gold short-wave emitter. Ceramic end caps and fly leads.This lamp is equivilant to the short wave HeLeN emmitter manufactured by phillips 230v Used in many quartz infra-red space heaters

£42.00Including VAT

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 2kW Gold short-wave emitter. SK15 end caps and fly leads fitted with SPADE terminals. 230v, overall length end to end 350mm. Used in many quartz infra-red space heaters.

Gold coated lamps filter out most of the red light associated with this type of lamp and are commonly used as an alternative to ruby lamps.


Wattage: 2000W
Voltage: 230-240V
Length: 350mm
Cap Type: SK15 / fly leads/spade terminals
Wavelength: Short-wave

This lamp fits:

  • Burda indoor heaters IP24 rated
  • Tansun Rio (Spade terminals need removing)
  • Robinson Willey Optik 1-20
  • Robinson Willey Optik 2-40
  • Many other brands of heater that connect to spade terminals

    If unsure which element you need for your heater. please ring 0115 9372727 for advice


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