500W Gold LOW-GLARE Lamp

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500w Gold coated LOW-GLARE Short-wave Emitter with R7 push-fit ends.  Replacement element for Heatmaster Parasol heaters and Leisure Heating brand Pendant Heaters.  Fits holders 118mm to 120mm.

£19.00Including VAT

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500w GOLD LOW-GLARE Short-wave Emitter with R7 Ends.  Replacement element for Parasol heaters and the Leisure Heating Short-wave Pendant heater


Wattage: 500W
Voltage: 230-240V
Length: 119mm

This element fits

  • Heatmaster U3 Parasol Heater
  • Heatmaster U3B Parasol Heater
  • La Hacienda/Heatmaster Popular U3b-R15
  • La Hacienda/Heatmaster Favourite U3b-R15
  • Six sided Short-wave Pendant Heaters manufacured by Leisure Heating Ltd
  • Four sided Short-wave Pendant Heaters manufatured by Leisure Heating Ltd

Note: Does not fit 1.2kW Patio Heaters or 500W miniglow pet heaters

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