6kW Equestrian Infra-red Heating System – FOUR 1.5kW Heaters and TWO Time-out Switches

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four 1.5Kw Summerglow Heaters and 4kW time-out switch which can be programmed to energise heaters for between 1 minute and 30 minutes.

£580.00Including VAT

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The Leisure Range of Heating Equestrian Heating Systems and Equine Solariums

Our equestrian heating systems are designed to heat your horse or pony with short wavelength infra-red using the very latest technology on the market.  Infra-red is known to have many benefits in equestrian heating.  The obvious one is to rapidly dry off your horse or pony after workout or washing but there are many more benefits.

Infra-red can help improve blood circulation and the excellent heat penetration helps to produce vitamin D, an essential vitamin for healthy skin and muscles.  Using the infra-red for heat therapy, it can assist the recovery from an injury, help reduce stiffness after workout and generally improve the health and well-being of your horse. ​

All of our equestrian heating systems are fitted with ‘Anti Glare’ gold coated Infrared Lamps to minimise the brightness on the horses eyes.


This equestrian heating system comprises FOUR 1.5kW infra-red heaters, TWO time-out switches and TWO junction boxes and is designed to heat 2 horses or a large shared stall.  The system comes as a kit and will require hard wiring in your stable or drying area.  Each of these waterproof heaters is fitted with an anti-glare gold coated infra-red emitter and is rated at IP55 water and dustproof.  The system is designed for use in stables, stalls or hose-down areas where the horse can stand and benefit from the radiant heat source.

The system comes complete with fully waterproof time-out switches and junction boxes.  Each time-out switch is designed to run 2 heaters.

The Equestrian heaters can be attached to a vertical surface such as a wall, beam or post and can also be mounted facing straight down from chains (not supplied) or by using an optional ceiling stand-off.

The 4kW Time-out Switches contain a soft-start and provide an ideal way of saving energy. The operator simply pushes the button and the heaters are energised via an integral soft-start mechanism. After a preset time, the switch simply turns the heaters off.


Robust metal heater construction

Uses up-to-date infra-red technology

Efficient and cheap to run

Waterproof and designed for use in stables and hose-down areas

No fumes or smell

No noise

Instant heat-up


Anti glare lamps to reduce brightness

Can improve horses muscle suppleness before exercise

Helps improve blood circulation

Used as heat therapy can assist recovery from injury

Promotes relaxation and recovery

Helps dry off your horse or pony after washing


Product Specification

Each Heater:

Dimensions: width 480mm, height 160mm approx

Voltage: 230V 6.5A

Total Wattage: 4 x 1.5kW.  6kW total load.

Element Type: Linear Short-wave. Gold anti-glare coating. The lamp is fully replaceable.

Lead Length: Provided with 1.8 metres of cable.

Time-out Switch:

Voltage: 230V 16A Max each

Wattage: 4kW Max each

Time lag: set internally 30 seconds – 30 mins

This system is designed and part manufactured in England. By buying this product you are supporting British industry.


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