6kw Time Out Switch

£124.99Including VAT

6kW Time Out Switches


£124.99Including VAT

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6kW Time-out Switch with soft-start.

Our range of time-out switches provides an ideal way of saving energy.   The customer simply pushes the button and the heaters are energised via an integral soft-start mechanism.  After a preset time, the switch simply turns the heaters off.
The time-on is preset inside the unit by the landlord.  This can reduce your annual patio heating bill by hundreds of pounds!!
Features and Benefits
  • 6kW load switching capacity
  • Reliable, easy to install maintenance free.
  • Can be installed with new heaters or retro-fitted to existing heaters
  • Fully waterproof – can be mounted to an external surface

Product Specifications

Voltage: 230V

Max switching load: 6000W infra-red heating

IP rating:  IP55 Waterproof


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