DRiBOX Outdoor Connection Box Large

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£19.95Including VAT

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DriBox Large Outdoor Connection box


DRiBOX is a really easy way of connecting your outdoor appliances to and extension lead whilst keeing the plus and sockets totally dry.

Use in conjuction with a multi-socket extension lead to safely connect outdoor lights, patio heaters and other electrical items to the mains supply.  It will accomodate up to a 4 way extension lead but the total load of the appliances must not exceed 13A.  It comes with a simple snap-on waterproof lid and has 5 sealed entrance slots for cables which are made waterproof when the lid is snapped on.

Ideal for:

Outdoor lighting

Pond pumps

Patio Heating

Parasol heaters and lights

Greenhouse heating

Product Specifications

IP Rating: IP55

Dimensions: 330mm x 230mm x 140mm

Colour:  Black


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