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Welcome to Leisure Heating Ltd

Leisure Heating Ltd are specialists in electric infra-red heating products. We can advise you on a wide range of infra-red heating solutions from patio heating and marquee heating to church heating and warehouse heating. Please call 0115 937 2727 to speak to one of our experts.

Electric Infra-red Patio Heaters Electric patio heaters have the ability to heat people directly without having to heat the air in between! By Efficiently and economically heating outdoor areas, existing facilities can be maximised and profits boosted.

Electric Heating Elements If you have a heater that needs a replacement element, please call for advice. We have spare elements that fit almost every make and model of infra-red heater, even if it is not featured on our website.

If you require technical information on infra-red heating please visit our Technical Data page.