Infra-red Heating Keeps the Crocodiles Happy at The Reptile Reserve in Upminster.

Case Study – Pet and Animal Heating.

The Challenge.

The Reptile Reserve is a specialist part of Nature’s Reserve Pet and Garden Centre in Upminster.

The Reptile Reserve use a number of ‘off the shelf’ reptile lamps and fittings to heat various enclosures and vivariums but a slightly bigger challenge came when they asked us to provide a heater that would be suitable for crocodiles!

The Solution

Crocodiles are cold blooded and require a body temperature of around 30-33C. To maintain this constant temperature they move back and forth between warm and cool parts of their environment. If they need to cool down they move to the water, if they need to warm up they would naturally look for sunlight. By providing a single but large infra-red heat source, the crocodiles are now provided with a spot to bask in when they need to raise their body temperature. Leisure Heating Ltd achieved this by fitting a lamp, emitting at an appropriate wavelength, to a waterproof fitting that will withstand the harsh environment in which it will be working. The crocodiles can now bask in the ‘warmth of the sunshine’ provided by the infra-red heat source.


Leisure Heating Ltd are experts when it comes to specialist and unusual use of infra-red. Our expertise has helped many establishments and companies over the years to install heating at an appropriate or specific wavelength and save massively on energy bills whilst providing heating techniques that are not achievable using conventional hot air. The benefits of using Infra-red Infra-red heating can be used for a variety of reptiles and in particular where localised basking spots are required. In an enclosed vivarium, this kind of heat source also raises the surrounding air temperature. If heat is needed for nocturnal animals, we can provide a wavelength that does not produce light.

Customer Contact Details

The Reptile Reserve Clay Tye Road, Upminster, Essex RM14 3PL