Energy Efficient Infra-red Heating Keeps Smokers Happy at the Royal Oak, Car Colston.

Case Study – Smoking Shelter Heaters.

The Royal Oak lies at the heart of the village of Car Colston, Nottinghamshire and serves real ale and a range of traditional food.

The Problem

Like all pubs, the Royal Oak has had to adapt to the new laws surrounding the smoking ban and has installed a smoking shelter in the rear beer garden.

As the law requires a minimum of 50% open sides to a smoking shelter most heating solutions will not work in such an exposed environment.

The Solution

By installing two 1.5kW radiant infra-red heaters, specified and supplied by Leisure Heating Ltd, the smoking shelter now has an energy efficient heating system that heats people directly.

The heaters are designed to give an optimum level of comfort for customers throughout the whole year and whatever the weather.  In addition, the heaters are controlled from two time-out switches, so smokers have to physically switch them on when they use the shelter, and they automatically switch off after a pre-set time.

The Benefits

The use of energy efficient Infra-red heating in conjunction with movement detectors has allowed the Royal Oak to use the most efficient way of heating people outdoors.

The heaters have the ability to heat people directly and not the air in between. This makes them up to 80% more efficient than equivalent gas patio heaters.

Electric Infra-red Heating

Infra-red heating is based on the transfer of thermal energy by electro magnetic radiation. Infra-red emitters are classified according to the temperature dependent peak wavelength which they emit and can be short-wave, medium-wave or long-wave.

Infra-red heaters have the ability to heat people directly without having to heat up the air first. They are compact, energy efficient and easily installed. The element used has a thermal response similar to an electric light bulb so is instant

Infra-red heaters can be easily used with PIR movement detectors, time-out switches or with power controllers.

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