200W Genuine Victory Food-safe Jacketed Catering Lamp 119mm R7s

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200W Jacketed Catering Lamp


Push fit R7s special low pressure lamps designed specifically for catering applications. This infra-red catering lamp is specifically designed to convert more energy into useful infra-red heat.

Compared to standard k-class halogen lamps this lamp is up to 15% more efficient. They have an average life of 3000 – 5000 hrs in comparison to 2000 hrs normally provided by standard halogen lamps.

All specially made catering lamps have a reduced internal gas pressure below 1 bar when operating at full power, making them safe as they will not explode or shatter on failure.

Jacketed lamps have an outer free-moving glass sleeve to protect the inner heater tube any outside contact that would cause heat spots and reduce the lamp life. In addition the clear jacket stops inner glass (if shattered) from falling into food.


Length: 119mm

End Cap: R7s

Voltage: 230-240V

Wattage: 200W

Victory Lighting Code 64242013


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