375w Short-wave blown bulb emitter

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375w Short wave blown bulb emitter230v. E27 screw fittingUsed in low temperature drying tunnels and panels, Animal warmers etc. Also known as a ‘pig lamp’ Code LH BB375

Original price was: £9.99.Current price is: £9.95.Including VAT

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375W Clear soft glass infra-red Reflector bulb.  Often known as ‘Blown Bulb’ or ‘Pig Lamp’.  The lamp has an E27 screw cap fitting.


Used in food warmers, hot food displays, Industrial process drying and curing, Pig lamp heaters, brooders, pet heaters and space heating etc

Technical Details

Dimensions.  190mm x 120mm diameter

Voltage. 220-240v

Wattage 375W

Cap E27

Wavelength.  Short-wave


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