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Case Study – Parasol Heating

The Zinc Café, Bar and Grill is a fashionable eating place in the pretty Welsh seaside village of Abersoch. Leisure Heating Ltd was asked by the Zinc Bar to provide a solution for heating their generous outside spaces.

The Problem

The Zinc Bar has a large deck area at the rear which boasts wonderful views of the Estuary. It also has tables at the front of the bar which face onto the bustling village street. These decks, furnished with tables and parasol umbrellas, were often unused in the evenings and in cooler weather, particularly in the late spring and early autumn season.  A further consideration for the Zinc Bar was that gas heaters are increasingly being banned by insurance companies for safety reasons, so they were looking for alternative electric heating solutions.

The Solution

By installing twelve 1.5kw Leisure Heating ‘Summerglow’ heaters beneath their three large commercial parasols, the Zinc Bar now has an energy efficient heating system which heats diners directly, giving them the warmth of the sunshine whatever the weather.

The Benefits

The use of energy efficient Infra-red parasol heating has allowed the Zinc Bar to increase their business in an area which would normally remain empty during cooler weather. Heating outdoor areas means that existing facilities can be maximised and profits boosted. Infra-red parasol heaters have the ability to heat people directly and not the air in between. This makes them up to 80% more efficient than equivalent gas patio heaters.

Electric Infra-red HeatingThe Benefits

Infra-red heating is based on the transfer of thermal energy by electromagnetic radiation. Infra-red emitters are classified according to the temperature dependent peak wavelength which they emit and can be short-wave, medium-wave or long-wave.

Infra-red heaters have the ability to heat people directly without having to heat up the air first. They are compact, energy efficient and easily installed. The elements used have a thermal response similar to an electric light bulb so is instant. Infra-red heaters can be easily used with PIR movement detectors or with power controllers.

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The Zinc Bar and Grill
Lon Pen Cei, Abersoch, LL53 7AW, Cymru
Tel: 01758 713433