Energy Efficient Infra-red Heating Keeps The Workforce Warm at St Ann’s Sheet Metal

Case Study – Infra-red for Heating Areas Within A Large Factory

The Problem

St Ann’s Sheet Metal have a traditional large factory space where they manufacture a variety of sheet metal components.  The factory consists of a high and open workspace where many manufacturing jobs are carried out. It was impractical to use conventional hot-air heating because of the size of the factory and the opening of large roller-shutter doors for delivery and dispatch of materials.

The Solution

By installing twelve 2kW infra-red heaters, specified and supplied by Leisure Heating Ltd, the whole workforce are now kept warm by radiant heating.

The Benefits

Workers at St Ann’s Sheet Metal now benefit from direct radiant heating keeping them and their workstations warm. The energy efficient system means that energy costs are minimised through direct heating of the workforce rather than having to keep large volumes of air heated. Some of these heaters operate off movement sensors allowing energy to be saved if no one is detected at the workstation.

Electric Infra-red Heating

Infra-red heating is based on the transfer of thermal energy by electromagnetic radiation. Infra-red emitters are classified according to the temperature dependent peak wavelength which they emit and can be short-wave, medium-wave and long-wave. Short-wave infra-red heaters have the ability to heat people directly without having to heat up the air first. They are compact, energy efficient and easily installed. The element used has a thermal response similar to an electric light bulb so is instant. Infra-red heaters can be easily used with PIR movement detectors or with power controllers.

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